Monday, August 13, 2007

Shichida Sem 2: Lesson 6 (2y/o)

Start all lessons by hugging your child and singing the good afternoon song.

After that, start gathering the energy ball and throw it high into the air and splash on their heads and then brush away the bad things and gather another energy ball, compress it and eat it.

Breathing training:

  1. Draw a picture of a 2 identical sweets. Put a straw in between them and stick them together. Put a satay stick through the straw.
  2. Ask your child to hold the string and blow that the sweet will turn.
Sight Training
  1. Make a mobile of a cloud with a bell attached to it.
  2. Move the mobile left, right, up, down horizontally or vertically. You can also move around in a zig zag manner just to let his eyes move around. This will work his eye muscles.
  3. When baby is done following, get him to catch the dragonfly or do a high five wit
Right brain: Where is the apple?
  1. Show your child a picture of a house with three windows marked A, B and C
  2. Ask them to guess where is the apple.
Right brain: Place the balloons?
  1. Show your child a picture of a cat holding three balloons of different colours for 10 seconds
  2. Give them the picture without the balloons and the balloons seperatedly.
  3. As them to place the balloons at the end of the strings in the right order.
Where is the sheep?
  1. Show your child a long strip with three seperate compartments inside.
  2. Hide two clouds and one sheep (with the top part tat looks exactly the same peeping out)
  3. Ask your child to find the sheep
Flash Memory
  1. Show your child a series of 5 flashcards.
  2. Give them 6 flashcards and ask them to point the odd one out.

Build the blocks
  1. Give your child a bag. Ask them to open it and take out the three square blocks inside.
  2. Show them two pictures and ask them to place the blocks accordingly to the pictures.

  1. Show pictures of numbers in random and variety dots.

The cat on the mat
  1. Story of the cat on the mat with 4 animal characters.
  2. Let your child listen to the story and as the story goes along, he will pick out the right character and paste it in the storybook.

Your Own Constellation
  1. Teacher Ivy shared about the different constellations, what they are called and their shapes using flashcards.
  2. After that, the child is given a blank paper and 6 star stickers.
  3. They are asked to paste the stickers wherever they like and then use pencil to link up the stars and say what shape is their constellation

Language Training:
  1. Let him hear a story being told in the past in another language.

Language Training- The Birds:
  1. Show pictures of animals and name them in Chinese.
  2. Now show the same animals and name them in French.

Sing a song/Tell a story:
  1. Sing at normal speed
  2. Sing at half the speed (to help them remember)

Flash Cards:
  1. Prepare a series of flashcards with a theme. Eg, vehicles, fruits, foods, numbers, alphabets, how to prepare certain foods, comparisons, money, numbers.
  2. You may include flashcards of pictures with their word representatives after the picture. It is important to expose your child to an image first because it helps them remember faster.
  3. Flash them quickly at your child. Show each picture only for two seconds and read out what it is as you flash it. You do not have to worry about getting tongue tied.
  4. Repeat and flash the pictures and read out again.

NOTE: You can do so also for different airlines, different expressions, diff body parts, adjectives, over, under, prepositions, dictionary words, etc.. etc

Shichida Musical Theatre: Learn The Colours
  1. Sing a song and help your children learn about colours.

Simon Says...
  1. Show your child flashcards and say, "Simon says..."
  2. Flash a card of the action and then do the action and get your child to follow
  3. Eg of actions are "clap, hop, run, skip...etc"

Memory- Which picture did we see?
  1. Show a picture for 30 seconds.
  2. Show the child two similar pictures and ask them to pick, which picture did we see.
Memory- Where is the ball?
  1. Show a picture of three balls in diff positions.
  2. Now give them a picture with three boxes and ask your child to put the balls in the right box.
Intuition- Find the ice cream :
  1. Use two cards of the same size. One is has a picture of a ice cream and the other one is empty.
  2. Tell your child to use their hand to touch and feel the difference..
  3. Turn the cards over and ask your child to feel it and the ice cream
  4. Repeat 2-3 times
Jigsaw Puzzle
  1. Give your child an 8 piece puzzle with the right answer and ask them to fix it.
  1. Use the additions song and sing +3 and +4 to your children
  2. Give them a list of the correct formula in the song with the respective number of stars and ask them to point as you sing along

Linking memory game
  1. The purpose of this game is to help your child improve their memory by linking things up. You can tell a story and link the things up in order. It does not have to be a logical story.
  2. Repeat this story and ask your child to place the pictures in this order.
  3. Now turn the cards around so that the back (which is blank) is facing you and ask your child to pick out the hotel or the crab and see if they can remember where it should be.

  1. Prepare a practice sheet for your child.
  2. Laminate the practice sheet
  3. Give your child a whiteboard marker (non toxic) and hold their hands to help them write out the numbers on the practice sheet.
  4. One number at a time please. Eg, just practice to write the letters Q and R. They can write other stuff on it when they are done.
  5. Draw a star after they are done.
  6. Wipe clean and reuse it again.

Q is for Queen
  1. Draw a picture of a queen and cut two lines by the sides of her dress so that you can slip in a long slip of paper.
  2. In the long slip of paper, list 6 items that start with Q and slowly pull so that your child can say the Q words.

R is for Rabbit
  1. Draw a of a rabbit and cut out a hole in the mouth.
  2. Give your child small squares with pictures and words starting with letter R.
  3. Ask your child to say the word and feed the rabbit the squares.
Feed the Mouse
  1. Use a container and put a picture of the face of a mouse on top. Cut a hole where the mouth is.
  2. Next, give your child a pair of chopsticks and also cut out some sponge and ask them to use the chopstick to pick out the sponge to feed the mouse.

Artwork Homework: Cut and paste
Cut out the picture of the egg and put something precious inside

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Image Training: Teeny Tiny Person Image Training

Image training is to train your child's image visualization function and the brain's ability to capture or hold an image in their mind.

Children with a developed mind that can image well, they tend to have very good memory.

There are a few activities you can do to improve this but today, we are only going to talk about

Teeny Tiny Person Image Training (older than 4 years old)
Before carrying out the return to the womb image training, please practice relaxation and deep breathing exercise together with your child.

You may hug him/her and image this in your mind. (Imageing that your child is going back to your womb). when your child is 3 years and above of age, he/she can do this on their own while you say out the steps.

  1. Today, we are going to tbe a Teeny Tiny Person. Lie down on the floor and close your eyes
  2. Exhale slowly and flatten your tummy
  3. Ok, inhale an swell out your tummy and make your tummy like a big balloon
  4. repeat this breathing three times
  5. ok, now you can come back to normal breathing
  6. now, imagine well. You can find a mirror in front of you and you can see yourself in there. Can you see yourself? Once you can see yourself please raise your hand.
  7. Ok, put down your hand. Now I will count till your body gets smaller and smaller. Are you ready? One, two, three!
  8. You are getting smaller and smaller. Now you are as small as a bean. Are you as small as a bean?
  9. You will be much smaller soon, you will be a teeny tiny person.
  10. ow you are so tiny you can get into anything. Let's go into your body and see it, if you have any problem in your body, you can heal the problem by yourself. Try healing that. HAvae you healed yourself?
  11. Please come out of your body and go back to your original size. when i cont to five, you will return to your original size and come back home.
  12. 1,2,3,4,5. Here you are! Please open your eyes!
  13. Ok, now you are coming back to where you are now, I will count 3, 2, 1 and you will be back home as a xx year old child
  14. 3,2,1, here you are back now!