Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Image Training: Teeny Tiny Person Image Training

Image training is to train your child's image visualization function and the brain's ability to capture or hold an image in their mind.

Children with a developed mind that can image well, they tend to have very good memory.

There are a few activities you can do to improve this but today, we are only going to talk about

Teeny Tiny Person Image Training (older than 4 years old)
Before carrying out the return to the womb image training, please practice relaxation and deep breathing exercise together with your child.

You may hug him/her and image this in your mind. (Imageing that your child is going back to your womb). when your child is 3 years and above of age, he/she can do this on their own while you say out the steps.

  1. Today, we are going to tbe a Teeny Tiny Person. Lie down on the floor and close your eyes
  2. Exhale slowly and flatten your tummy
  3. Ok, inhale an swell out your tummy and make your tummy like a big balloon
  4. repeat this breathing three times
  5. ok, now you can come back to normal breathing
  6. now, imagine well. You can find a mirror in front of you and you can see yourself in there. Can you see yourself? Once you can see yourself please raise your hand.
  7. Ok, put down your hand. Now I will count till your body gets smaller and smaller. Are you ready? One, two, three!
  8. You are getting smaller and smaller. Now you are as small as a bean. Are you as small as a bean?
  9. You will be much smaller soon, you will be a teeny tiny person.
  10. ow you are so tiny you can get into anything. Let's go into your body and see it, if you have any problem in your body, you can heal the problem by yourself. Try healing that. HAvae you healed yourself?
  11. Please come out of your body and go back to your original size. when i cont to five, you will return to your original size and come back home.
  12. 1,2,3,4,5. Here you are! Please open your eyes!
  13. Ok, now you are coming back to where you are now, I will count 3, 2, 1 and you will be back home as a xx year old child
  14. 3,2,1, here you are back now!

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