Sunday, May 20, 2007

Shichida Lesson 7 (2 y/o)

Note: Lesson 6 was attended by Max daddy as I was in Taiwan.. dun think he can recall much.. hahaa..

Start all lessons by hugging your child and singing the good afternoon song.

After that, start gathering the energy ball and throw it high into the air and splash on their heads and then brush away the bad things and gather another energy ball, compress it and eat it.

Breathing Training:

  1. Draw a picture of a Dog.
  2. Add the ear as a flap and tell your child to blow on the flap so that the dog can cool his ears
Sight Training
  1. Draw a colourful picture of something. Today’s lesson is dog.
  2. Show your baby the picture and shake it so that his eyes are focused on the picture.
  3. Move the picture left, right, up, down horizontally or vertically. You can also move around in a zig zag manner just to let his eyes move around. This will work his eye muscles.
  4. When baby is done following, get him to catch the sun or do a high five with it.
Pretend Play
  1. Ask your baby to pretend to pack for a picnic.
  2. Give your baby some 'cakes' glasses and sheets of sponge in various colours to act as bread (white), lettuce (green), tomato (red), cheese (yellow) and ask your baby to make sandwiches.
  3. Once the sandwiches are done, get baby to pack them all into the container and pretend to go on a picnic!

Language Training:
  1. Tell a story in English.
  2. Tell the same story in Chinese/Japanese. (Eg, Sawako)

Sing a song:
  1. Sing at normal speed
  2. Sing at half the speed (to help them remember)

Flash Cards:
  1. Prepare a series of flashcards with a theme. Eg, vehicles, fruits, foods, numbers, alphabets, how to prepare certain foods, comparisons, money, numbers.
  2. You may include flashcards of pictures with their word representatives after the picture. It is important to expose your child to an image first because it helps them remember faster.
  3. Flash them quickly at your child. Show each picture only for two seconds and read out what it is as you flash it. You do not have to worry about getting tongue tied.
  4. Repeat and flash the pictures and read out again.

NOTE: You can do so also for alphabets (Letters A-M, N-Z, Numbers 1-10, 11-20, Dots (1 small, 1 big, 2 small, 2 big.. etc. You may also include shapes of different countries, how to make foods, opposites, money, time, actions)

Who is it?
  1. Show picture of a cave. There is an animal hiding behind the cave. Who is it?
  2. Guess whether the animal is a LION or a TIGER. After the child has made a guess, open the door of the cave to reveal the answer.
Memory- Where should they sit?
  1. Show a picture of two hot air balloons with three animals seated together in a particular order.
  2. Show the picture for 30 seconds and the child has then to place the animals inside in that particular order.
Memory- Where is the flower?
  1. Show a picture of 3 different types of flowers in the particular order.
  2. Show the picture for 30 seconds and the child has then to place the flowers inside in that particular order.
Memory- Which is the right picture?
  1. Show the picture for 30 seconds.
  2. Show them two similar pictures after that and ask them to guess which was the picture that they had been looking at.

Intuition- Find the words IV:
  1. Use two cards of the same size. One is a blank card. The other one has a the words IV
  2. Turn the cards over and ask your child to feel it and find the words.
  3. Repeat 2-3 times

Jigzaw Puzzle
  1. Show your child a 4 piece puzzle picture.
  2. Give your child the puzzle and ask them to match the right picture with the right side. (Eg, ask them if this is the upper left piece and match. If it is the same, tell them it is the same and get them to press the puzzle in.
  3. Repeat a few times.

Farm Words
  1. Show your child a picture of things at the farm with the words stuck to them.
  2. Point to the words and read aloud to the child.
  3. Now say the word and ask the child to take it out.
  4. Shuffle them and mix them and give the word to the child and ask him to find the right item and paste the word next to the right item.

Linking memory game
  1. The purpose of this game is to help your child improve their memory by linking things up. You can tell a story and link the things up in order. It does not have to be a logical story.
  2. Repeat this story and ask your child to place the pictures in this order.
  3. Now turn the cards around so that the back (which is blank) is facing you and ask your child to pick out the hotel or the crab and see if they can remember where it should be.

Read the Story
  1. Give your child a story book and read the story once to them.
  2. Some pictures in the story can be taken out. Take them out and read the story again and ask your child to place the right picture to the right page

Counting Numbers:
  1. Give your child a picture of a witch and a moon with 30 stars on it. There are numbers in all the stars.
  2. Give your child a small toy (eg, a red plastic teddy bear) and ask the child to stamp on the numbers as they count to help the which get to the moon.
  3. Count from 1-30 and then from 30 to 1

  1. Give your child a sheet of paper with different words that describe emotions like Happy, Sad, Mad, Angry, Hungry, Confused, etc
  2. Read a conversation to them and ask them to point to the different words that describe the various emotions when you say them.
  3. Repeat again.
  4. When you are done, you can ask your child to act out the different emotions to show you.

  1. Prepare a practice sheet for your child.
  2. Laminate the practice sheet
  3. Give your child a whiteboard marker (non toxic) and hold their hands to help them write out the numbers on the practice sheet.
  4. One number at a time please. Eg, just practice to write the number 1. They can write other stuff on it when they are done.
  5. Wipe clean and reuse it again.

Finger Play
Clap your hands,
Touch your toes,
Turn around and touch your nose
Flap your arms and stretch them high
Wiggle your fingers and touch the sky

Inside and Outside
  1. Give your child a yellow duck and a few pictures where the words INSIDE and OUTSIDE can be interchangably seen.
  2. Push to inside and ask them to put the duck inside.. the bathtub, the present box, the door, pocket. Push to outside and put the duck outside.
Singing: Oh Me Oh My
Oh me oh my what colour is the tree?
Green green green...
Oh me oh my what colour is the sky?
Blue blue blue...
Oh me oh my what colour is the bee?
Black and yellow

Artwork Homework: Cut and paste
Give your baby a picture of a mushroom. Give your child strips of paper and ask the child to cut the trips into small cubes. Then ask your child to paste these cubes onto the mushrooms.


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So glad to find your blog! We shifted to France in Feb 07 and had to terminate our daughter's Shichida Class in Singapore. She had only attended 2 terms. At least, I know what are the activities for a 2 year old kid. Thank you so much for sharing!