Thursday, May 3, 2007

Free Flashcards

Was trying to make some flashcards for Ace.

Apparently, according to Dr Shichida, when we flash our flashcards at our babies, we should flash it to them at 0.5 seconds per card (yes, tat takes LOTS OF PRACTICE). This is because when we do that, the information would send very strong vibrations to the brain and it will help your baby's brain to develop better and faster.

Mostly though, the cards are not flashed for them to remember or to learn... but just to stimulate their mind. The end result though is that they WILL remember these things and when they learn them academically in future, they will find it easy to remember, use and spell these words and name these things.

You are encouraged to flash 100-250 flashcards to your child per month. Try not to repeat flashing the same cards twice in each sitting and once the child is bored, switch to some other activity ;)

Usually, try to start with pictures first as children remember better with imaging rather than words. After the pictures, you can slowly insert the words inside as well.

You can start flashcard flashing from three months onwards. I really regret only starting NOW.. cos Ace is already 22 months old. But nevertheless, I do my best to catch up ;)

Most importantly, to Ace, it is like watching TV and he finds it fun as well. He likes the flashcards so much that he will actually point to his flashcards and ask me to let him repeat again.

He enjoys it so much that now before our flashcard sessions, he will readily start doing the prep exercises like the energy ball and the hugging.. ;)

Here are some tips for flashcard flashing based on my personal exeprience:
  • Switch off all disruptions like radio, TV, etc.
  • Always prepare your lesson and pack your cards in advance so that you dun need to stop in between
  • Start by giving your child a hug to connect and praise your child first. If you are a shichida mummy, then do the energy ball to prepare the right brain
  • If you want, you can play auto suggestion tape in the background (I play the Fun With Numbers disc in the background)
  • Flash at a speed of 0.5-1 second per card
  • Flash mostly picture cards and only 10%-20% word cards
  • Put the cards at slightly above your child's eye level 30cm away
  • Place the stack of cards upright on your left palm and pick the card you want to flash from the back of the pack and shift it to the front using your right hand. When the card touches your left palm, then say the name of the card.
  • Make sure you say the name correctly!
  • Write down the name on the back of the card for easy reference
  • Practice, practice, practive! Practice flashing while you watch TV!
  • Make it fun!
  • Change cards when your baby gets bored with them
  • Note, the cards should not be the only activities you do, do also do other right brain activities to make your home sessions interesting ;)

Here are some free ones I found from the web to get you started ;)

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