Saturday, June 21, 2008

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Occupations and Jobs Flashcards (Set A) A simple set of job and occupation flashcards. Easy and fun job pictures.

Occupations and Jobs Flashcards (Set B) More jobs and occupations flashcards. The only job you have is to print these flash cards.

Occupations and Jobs Flashcards (Set C) Even more jobs and occupations flashcards. Just print and teach. That's your job.

Places Flashcards (Set A) Use the flashcards to elicit places around town.

Places Flashcards (Set B) Teach some more obscure places around the town and country.

Prepositions Flashcards Your students will be learning their prepositions in no time. These 14 cards are easy to identify.

Rooms in a House Flashcards Pictures of the most common rooms of a house.

School Objects Flashcards Teach your ESL students all the objects in a classroom. Teach them all 27 items!

Seasons & Weather Flashcards These flashcards are great for teaching the weather and seasons. There are 18 different weather pictures!

Sports Flashcards Here is a great list of common sports flashcards. From archery to weight lifting! Print and teach!

Sports Actions Flashcards Instead of playing all the sports, use these flash cards to teach dozens of sport actions!

Sports Equipment Flashcards Stop bringing your entire closet to class. Teach all the sports equipment with these easy to identify flashcards.

Sports Vocabulary Flashcards Here are some sports vocabulary flash cards that didn't fit in the other sports lists.

Time Flashcards Stop drawing the time and start teaching it! This set of flashcards includes an analog picture of time for every 15 minutes.

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