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Shichida Sem 2: Lesson 4 (2y/o)

Start all lessons by hugging your child and singing the good afternoon song.

After that, start gathering the energy ball and throw it high into the air and splash on their heads and then brush away the bad things and gather another energy ball, compress it and eat it.

Breathing training:

  1. Give your child a picture of a seal. At the top of the noise, use a BIG stray and paste at the back of the seal. Then glue some string on the seal.. glue the other end to a coloured cotton ball and use it to act as ball for the seal.
  2. Balance the ball on the straw and ask your child to blow the ball away.
  3. Repeat.

Sight Training
  1. Draw a star and say it is a wishing star. Paste something that tinkles behind the star.
  2. Shake the star and move it and ask Baby's sight to follow the star.
  3. When baby is done following, get him to catch the star or do a high five with it.
Taking Pictures At The Zoo
  1. Show your child some flashcards and tell them that we are going to the zoo today. At the zoo, we will be seeing some animals like Monkey, Rabbit, Lion, etc
  2. Paste pictures of the animals all over the classroom
  3. Give your child a cardboard camera and ask him or her to take pictures of the animals.
  4. Give them small pictures of the animals and tell them that their pictures are developed. Look through the pics with them and get them to name the animals again.
4 Seasons
  1. Show your child flashcards of the four seasons and describe what the four seasons are and what happens when it is that season. Eg, for spring, it is the time where the flowers are blooming.. etc etc.. Do that in a few short sentences.
  2. Now give your child four pictures of the 4 seasons and describe each activity they have to do for that season.
    (Eg, spring is where flowers grow so paste the flowers on,
    summer is where the sun is hot so give them an empty bottle to put on sun block,
    Autum is where the leaves drop so ask them to place fallen leaves all over,
    Winder is where they get cotton balls and play with these 'snow balls'

Right brain: What colour is the zebra?
  1. Show your child a picture of a zebra and guess what colour the strips will be when the black card is removed.
Right brain: Where is the umbrella?
  1. Show your child three pockets with the curve of the walking stick/umbrella sticking out.
  2. Put in the three cards of walking stick, walking stick, umbrella in different pockets respectively and ask your child to guess which is the umbrella.
  3. Repeat a few times.

Language Training:
  1. Let him hear a story being told in the past in another language.

Language Training- The Animals:
  1. Show pictures of animals and name them in Chinese.
  2. Now show the same animals and name them in French.

Sing a song/Tell a story:
  1. Sing at normal speed
  2. Sing at half the speed (to help them remember)

Flash Cards:
  1. Prepare a series of flashcards with a theme. Eg, vehicles, fruits, foods, numbers, alphabets, how to prepare certain foods, comparisons, money, numbers.
  2. You may include flashcards of pictures with their word representatives after the picture. It is important to expose your child to an image first because it helps them remember faster.
  3. Flash them quickly at your child. Show each picture only for two seconds and read out what it is as you flash it. You do not have to worry about getting tongue tied.
  4. Repeat and flash the pictures and read out again.

NOTE: You can do so also for different airlines, different expressions, diff body parts, adjectives, over, under, prepositions, dictionary words, different parts of the head, etc.. etc

Button on the wheels
  1. Give your child a felt cloth bus with the 4 wheels buttoned on.
  2. Ask your child to unbutton the wheels off the bus.. then ask them to button them on again so that the bus can move ;)

Memory- Where do the numbers go?
  1. Show your child a picture of three bears with three different coloured hats and numbers 1,2,3 written respectively.
  2. Now give your child the pictures of the three bears that are each wearing a different coloured hat and give your child the numbers, 1, 2 and 3 and ask them to place the numbers on the right bear with the right coloured hat.
Memory- Where is the ball?
  1. Show a picture of three balls in diff positions.
  2. Now give them a picture with three boxes and ask your child to put the balls in the right box.
Flash Memory
  1. Show a 4 flashcards and name the items on the cards.
  2. Now give them 5 cards and ask them to pick the odd on out. Which is the card that was not included in the flash memory just now?
Intuition- Find the taxi:
  1. Use two cards of the same size. One is has a picture of a bus and the other one is empty.
  2. Tell your child to use their hand to touch and feel the difference..
  3. Turn the cards over and ask your child to feel it and the bus
  4. Repeat 2-3 times
Numbered Dots
  1. Show your child apple dots
  2. And then test them by showing them two cards and asking for a particular number.
  3. Ask them to point to the right answer
  4. You can do this after you finish the 65 days dots programme 3,4 times to test them.
Draw The Seeds On The Watermelon
  1. Show your child pictures of a few water melons.
  2. On each water melon, there is a number.
  3. Give your child a whiteboard marker and ask them to draw the right number of seeds inside the water melon according to the numbers they see.
Numbers Game
  1. Show your child pictures of different numbers and give them cards with the numbers.
  2. Get them to match the cards with the correct and respective numbers.
Linking memory game
  1. The purpose of this game is to help your child improve their memory by linking things up. You can tell a story and link the things up in order. It does not have to be a logical story.
  2. Repeat this story and ask your child to place the pictures in this order.
  3. Now turn the cards around so that the back (which is blank) is facing you and ask your child to pick out the hotel or the crab and see if they can remember where it should be.

  1. Prepare a practice sheet for your child.
  2. Laminate the practice sheet
  3. Give your child a whiteboard marker (non toxic) and hold their hands to help them write out the numbers on the practice sheet.
  4. Eg, just practice to write the letters E,F. They can write other stuff on it when they are done.
  5. Draw a star after they are done.
  6. Wipe clean and reuse it again.
Shichida Musical Theatre
Sing the song about mixing colours and then when you go home, you can mix the colours and show your child how you can get different colours.

Finger Play
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes
Eyes and ears and mouth and nose
Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes

Duck Song
Sing a song about a duck and get your child to quack along when the duck starts quacking

Stacking Trapeziums
  1. Give your child trapeziums of differing colours and size.
  2. Ask your child to stack the trapeziums from biggest to smallest and you get a huge tower!
  3. Now ask them to dismantle it by asking for the colours.

Coloured Giraffes
  1. Draw a Giraffe on a long winded tube and then divide it into 4 segments.
  2. Make 4 sets of this in 4 different background colours.
  3. Put all the heads together and let your child choose a colour.
  4. Put the rest of the body and legs together and get your child to only choose the colour of the heads.
  5. Fix them together to make a giraffe.

Artwork Homework: Cut and paste
Cut out the large triangles and design an artwork that you like.

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laecy said...

I have a question regarding the 65 days dot program,not sure if you know the answer.
When I want to flash the card (1 + 1 = 2), do I say "1" "+" "1", then flash the "2 " dot card without saying anything or do I need to say the answer "2"?
What if I already started without saying the answer, do I continue to do so, or do I start to say the answer? Thanks in advance :)