Monday, April 9, 2007

Shichida Lesson 1 (2 y/o)

Breathing Training:

  1. Draw a picture of an octopus without the tentacles. Paste thick woolen treads below as the tentacles. (If you want, you can laminate the octopus so that you can reuse it)

  1. Give your baby the octopus and show him how to BLOW. This will help him to breath better.

Sound Training:

  1. Use three small containers and put different things inside. Eg, paperclips, green beans and wooden blocks.

  1. Shake the three sounds and let your child listen to them. Repeat what they are as you shake.

  1. Afterward, give your child a card with drawings of the three things on them. To make it more interesting, you may want to add a FLAP on top to cover these three things.

  1. Shake one of the containers and ask your child to flip open the correct answer.

Sight Training

  1. Draw a colourful picture of something. (You could draw and octopus and use hanging paper clips and bells as the legs) Hang a bell next to it so that it produces a loud sound. Attach a handle at the back for easy holding if you want.

  1. Show your baby the picture and shake it so that his eyes are focused on the picture.

  1. Move the picture left, right, up, down horizontally or vertically. You can also move around in a zig zag manner just to let his eyes move around. This will work his eye muscles.

Language Training:

  1. Tell a story in English.
  2. Tell the same story in Chinese/Japanese.

Sing a song:

  1. Sing at normal speed
  2. Sing at half the speed (to help them remember)

Flash Cards:

  1. Prepare a series of flashcards with a theme. Eg, vehicles, fruits, foods, numbers, alphabets.
  2. Flash them quickly at your child. Show each picture only for two seconds and read out what it is as you flash it. You do not have to worry about getting tongue tied.
  3. Repeat and flash the pictures and read out again.

    NOTE: You can do so also for alphabets (Letters A-M, N-Z, Numbers 1-10, 11-20, Dots (1 small, 1 big, 2 small, 2 big.. etc)

Shape Sorting

  1. Give your child a picture filled with things of different shapes.
  2. Try to make sure that these shapes are removable and restickable (you can laminate your picture and paste Velcro on the picture and underneath the shapes)
  3. Tell your child about the different shapes and ask them to paste it back or pull it out.
  4. Repeat about 2-3 times for each individual shape. (Eg, circle, oval, parallelogram, trapezium, square, rectangle, triangle.

Intuition- Find the hexagon:

  1. Use two cards of the same size. One is a blank card. The other one has a particular shape (eg, a green hexagon).
  2. Turn the cards over and ask your child to feel it and find the hexagon.
  3. Repeat 2-3 times

Intuition- Find the insect:

  1. Draw a big bedroom slipper. Colour and laminate it.
  2. Prepare picture of three insects. Pick of of the insects and paste it behind the slipper.
  3. Tell a story. Use a big bedroom slipper and tell them that an insect has crawled behind the bedroom slipper.
  4. Show them the picture of the three insects and ask them to guess which insect it is.

Imagery- Under The Sea

  1. Prepare a picture of the sea. Prepare also a picture of a dolphin. Cut cut another set of dolphins and seashells.
  2. Show your child the picture of the sea and tell them that dolphins and seashells are from under the sea.
  3. Hide either the Dolphin or seashells behind the sea and send the image of the picture to your child.
  4. Show your child the picture of these two items and ask them to guess which item you hid behind the picture of the sea.

Sensory Play- Play Dough

  1. Roll play dough into a ball
  2. Press it and roll it into a long strip.
  3. Twirl it and make it into a ring

Science- Growth of a butterfly:

  1. Prepare a picture of a leaf, a Butterfly, an egg, a small caterpillar, a big caterpillar and a cacoon.
  2. Paste a Velcro strip on the leaf and at the back of all the various objects.
  3. Share the life story of a butterfly and how the butterfly will lay an egg on the leaf, the egg will become a small caterpillar, and the caterpillar will eat and become a big caterpillar and then change into a cocoon and in the end transform into a butterfly.
  4. As you share the story, stick the related item onto the leaf.
  5. Tell the story again and let your child stick it on.

Linking memory game

  1. The purpose of this game is to help your child improve their memory by linking things up. You can tell a story and link the things up in order. It does not have to be a logical story.
  2. Eg: if you had a picture of a crown, a tv, a hotel, a crab, a door. The story would go like this: This is the crown, given by the King of TV in a hotel and there is a crab next door.
  3. Repeat this story and ask your child to place the pictures in this order.
  4. Now turn the cards around so that the back (which is blank) is facing you and ask your child to pick out the hotel or the crab and see if they can remember where it should be.

Memory game: Hot stuff

  1. Show a picture of three hot cups of stuff. Milk, Water, Soup which is put in a table with three columns in this particular order
  2. Now, give them an empty Card with the table and pass them a picture of a glass of milk, a glass of water and a bowl of soup.
  3. Ask your child to place them in the right order inside the columns.
  4. If your child is unable to choose. You can give him two choices and ask him to point.

Memory game: Little Froggie

  1. Show a picture of 3 Little Froggies in bed with three different expressions. The expressions are in the following order- Smiling, crying and laughing.
  2. Now give your child a picture of three beds with slits at the top.
  3. Give them three heads of froggies with different expressions and ask them to place the heads at the correct bed.
  4. You can ask them to point while you help them with the slotting in.

Colours: Fly the aeroplane

  1. Give your child a box full of coloured aeroplanes.
  2. Prepare 5 coloured containers and place it in front of him.
  3. Let your child match the colours and fly the aeroplane into the container.
    PS: For the container, you could just use a file like an envelope.

Intuition/ Memory Game: Guess which picture I show you

  1. Prepare two similar looking pictures.
  2. Show your child one of them.
  3. Take out the two pics and ask them to guess which one was it that you showed them.(dun be surprised, they get it right VERY OFTEN!)

Bring the animals to their mamas

  1. Show a picture with 8 animals.
  2. Give your child 8 baby animals and ask them to bring the animals to their mothers.
  3. Ask them to Velcro stick the babies next to the mummies.
  4. Once done, ask them to take out the babies by saying the name of the animal.

Art work: Stick the windows

  1. Use a coloured paper and draw a train with two carriages.
  2. Draw rectangles as the windows.
  3. Give your child some white stickers and let them stick on the windows themselves.


  1. Prepare a practice sheet for your child.
  2. Laminate the practice sheet
  3. Give your child a whiteboard marker (non toxic) and hold their hands to help them write out the numbers on the practice sheet.
  4. One number at a time please. Eg, just practice to write the number 2.
  5. After that, the child is free to draw on the practice sheet.
  6. Wipe clean and reuse it again.


Sashi said...

These Games are extremely fantastic !!I follow some of them for my 2yr old kid and just in a week time she tell me to repeat it.She loves it!!

Kavya said...

Excellent illustration of Shichida , awesome !